Alongside audio mastering, we also provide lathe cut vinyl, with no minimum order, anything from one copy upwards. We cut on a highly modified VR T560, removing all original electronics, creating our own customised signal path for a faithful recreation of your audio including a custom EQ curve made specifically for our cutter head. All cuts are made on a Technics SP10 MKII platter for total stability and zero wow & flutter.

You can choose between black or transparent vinyl with options for printed labels, inserts and sleeves. When booking in for a run of 30 or more copies we include audio mastering free of charge.  We also offer a free 1 minute test cut for new customers, you simply pay for the shipping. 

The basic price for vinyl cutting is €10 + €0.50 per minute of audio. This is the price per disc (excluding 20% VAT for EU customers without a valid VAT number). We do not give discounts on larger runs, we believe everyone should be able to pay the same rate, no matter how much money they have. We base our price to be fair, for the product offered no matter how many you order.

Below is the maximum running times that we personally recommend for a nice, high fidelity cut per side. Going over these times can mean a trade off in volume and incur more distortion towards the center of the disc. Going under these times means, in most cases, an even better end result.

33rpm: N/A | 45rpm: 4 minutes

33rpm: 12 minutes | 45rpm: 8 minutes

33rpm: 15 minutes | 45rpm: 10 minutes