Black Code/Unrest - Split - 12"

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Its here, the 99th release by Pumpkin!

BLACK CODE (Fr) need no intro, with a few UK tours under thier belt hopefully you have seen them already! Rawkus Crust/Metal onslaught fitting 5 tracks onto 1 side of the LP including "death by giant octopus" which gives a nod to Cthulu and H.P Lovecraft.

UNREST come from Munster over in Germany and play some earsplitting grind/crust. Popes Path is a great ditty for the noizey folk. Nice finish with black discobag and red vinyl.

BC - Short live the code / Infinate infernal road inferno / Death by giant octopus / State tantrism / Wigcult today. UR - Witch trial / Popes path / Terminal / Mental jail / Beyond / Black out

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