We offer all areas of audio mastering, whether for digital formats such as CD or streaming, or physical formats such as vinyl or cassette. Once an order is placed, turnaround is generally 48 hours for a first master, which you will receive, listen to thoroughly and send feedback and your thoughts. We give unlimited revisions, the mastering is finished once you are 100% happy. Our studio is based around industry standard mastering grade equipment and conversion including Prism Sound, Dangerous Music, PSI, High Voltage Audio, Audeze and more.

There are many factors to consider when mastering to ensure an end result that best suits your needs, such as file formats, overall sound, timeframe of the project etc. Below is our requirements from you, when submitting mixes ready for mastering.

– Mixes must be supplied at full bit depth resolution, ideally 32bit, or if not, 24bit with appropriate dithering –

– No brick-wall limiting –

– No mix bus processing unless completely necessary for the sound –

– Let the endings fade, do not chop off the audio tale –

– Make sure all files are WAV or AIFF, and have the same sample rate as the project –

– Be careful when using stereo imaging plugins, make sure there are no phase issues within the mix –